I went to a charity evening, where this the band (Kávészünet) played, too. I really like it.
This is a haungarian band, consist of 2 members (the drummer isn't member). They set hungarian poems to music.

Kávészünet (Coffee break)


Official Music Video:

What do you think? 


Slipper boots

I got a pair of slipper boots from my brother and his girlfriend.
It's very soft, comfortable and warm. (:

Brand: Bedroom Athletics

 I offer it, although it's expensive, but worth it.

 What do you think? 


Inspiration- shoes

I love shoes! All kinds of shoes: boots, wedges, sneakers, heels, flats, ballet flats. I had always grey, black and white shoes, because they match is all dress. But now I would like to buy colorful shoes.
I show you some favourites. (:

Special shoes *.* 

The yellow boots are fantastic *.*

Salmon dream

More extremly shoes:

More beautiful shoes:

What do you think? 




Left hand

Pig head and 2013

Right hand 

Serpentine, balloons and confetti

A little decoration:

My brother's room (:

My room

Happy New Year! (:




New year, new vows. (:

My vows:

  • More motion, more sports (e.g. yoga, running, badminton, stretching and spinal repair exercise because slanting my spine) 

Stretching exercise

  • I'd like to write more blog entries ( weekly two/three times) (:
  • I'd like to do more painting.
  • Learn make-up.
  • Learn even more languages. 

You have made a pledge? And what are they? 



Christmas in the school and at home.

In the school:

on the blackboard


Mini Christmas tree :) 

At home:


Christmas tree (blue and white and an orange moon) 

Christmas ornaments



Happy New Year!

I'm sorry, but I hadn't time to write, so now...

  • Firstly: Happy New Year for everybody!
  • Secondly: Another christmas decoration (which can be used in 2013 or as decorations for winter)
   What I used:
  1. Glass bowl
  2. Some red berries
  3. Pine branches
  4. Ribbon
  5. Water
  6. Some Christmas tree ornaments

  • Finally: Wreath on the door

What I used: 
  1. Pine branches and other branches 
  2. Ribbon
  3. Wire
  4. Silver and red pearls
  5. Christmas tree ornaments (and I used on the previous door decoration)