Red is a Malaysian  artist-architect. I like she, because she can do a picture or portrait of everything (eg seeds, candles, coffee,etc...). (: I would also like to be so talented. *.*
She's the best! *.*

Hong Yi 'Red'


Coffe portrait (Tan Sri Francis Yeoh)

Feather portrait (Lee Chong Wei)

What do you think? (: 


Almost half-year

Okay, coming soon the June, half-year, so I checked my New Year's vows and I have to say, I don't really kept them. :S
I'm not proud of myself, so let's start again. :D
I guess I just kept the painting. I show you some pictures. (:

 None of the perfect, but I will come into... (:

And therefore neglected the blog in recent times, because I learned the graduation exams. (:
Because I'm already half over, so I thought to re-start the vows. :D
I hope I can better keep them now. (:

What do you think? 
Have you kept your vows?