Computer case

Hey! (:

My boyfriend asked me that I paint his computer case with spray paint. ( I love spray paint!*.*)
He had no idea, so I got free rein. (:
So I did it.

I hope you like it. My boyfriend loved it. (:

Anyway last week I could create something every day, because I was really inspired state. I'll show also those.  (:

What do you think? 


Fall, fall, fall

Hey! (:

I love autumn! I love the colors, the variety, the fresh air! *.*
I made a little fall decoration in my room and I made a little innovation in my wardrobe. (:
I bought a pair of pants and boots and I want a jacket, hat and scarves (looking for the perfect).

Some decoration:

My boots and pants: 

And some fall photos:

Mushrooms grown in our garden (:

One morning

Caterpillar *.*

Do you like fall? (:


My first dress

Hey! (:

I designed my first dress this week. (: I think it's very pretty. (:
I imagined in black (ribbons) and white, but I think it would look good in all colors. And I designed this (my) wedding dress, but I think it would be perfect for any event.
I thought that would be the bottom of tulle and the part of silk. (:



How do you like it? 


Daily Inspiration

What is the...?


Dress and jacket. Disheveled hair. (:




 Pizza snails. 

 What do you think? 


My first food art


I thought I'll try food art. There was more kinds of fruit at home (grapes, bananas, peaches and prickly pears).
The prickly pears three color versions known: white, yellow and red flesh. Seeds are hard and black.
I worked with whiteflesh prickly pear.

It's pretty simple

How do you like it?