DIY Advent Wreath (with cork deer)

Hi! (:

I made a reinterpreted Advent wreath, it's not too wreath-shaped. (:
I hope you will like itt!

Advent wreath:

What you need:
  • Four candles
  • Wood sheet
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Christmas pot-pourri
  • Four candle drifts
  • Artificial pine branch
  • Red cardboard

1. Cut the cardboard to size and glue it to the wood sheet.
2. Press into a wood sheet the candle drifts.
3. Put to the branch and sprinkle the pot-pourri onto the wood sheet.
4. Finally we put up the candles.

Cork Deer:

What you need (to one piece):

  • 3 corks
  • Ribbon
  • Red and brown chenille wire
  • Scalpel
  • 2 black pearls
  • Hot glue gun

1. Cut the corks to size: One of them is cut in half horizontally and the two resulting pieces in half again, but now vertically (these are the legs). The other one cut one-third of horizantally. Then cut it smaller pieces in half horizontally again (will be one half of the neck, the other half to form the two ears). The larger pieces will be the head. The cork is left in the whole will be the body.

2. Glue the pieces together.
3. The brown chenille wire into setting up the two horns and a tail and then glue to the corks.
4. The red chenille wire into setting up the nose and glue to the cork (head).
5. The black pearls (eyes) to glue the cork (head).

6. Let us make a ribbon bow and glue to the cork (neck).

What do you think?

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