St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Hi! (:

St' Patrick's Day is coming, so I've collected for you 7 (DIY) different beautiful wreath! (:

Firstly, my 2 favorite:

Lucky Wreath: *.*

I love this! It's amazing! <3

 Lucky Shamrocks Wreath:

 Split Pea Wreath:

 Ribbon Wreath:

 Yarn Wreath:

I can imagine this with pom-pom
It's so looks good this dark door. #.#

 Rag Wreath:

 Green Flower Wreath:



Daily Inspiration

Hi! (:

Today it's cloudy-rainy weather and unfortunately, such weather will be all week.
But the temperature doesn't fall below 0 °C. (:


Knitted hat, cloth coat and colorful umbrella! *.* <3


Hot chicken soup. (: Shown in the picture soup recipe HERE.


"What I spent, I had; what I saved, I lost; what I gave, I have." (:


Happy Lunar New Year! #.#

Happy Lunar New Year everybody! (:
Year of the goat is started! So who was born in the year of the goat, can expect a really good year! ^.^ I was born in the year of the pig, so I have to wait a few years the really good year for me. (: I hope everyone will be very happy, lucky and good year!
I hope you well pass the days of the holiday, those who celebrate it!
I wish you all a lot of red pockets! ^.^


Mini heart piñata

Hi! (:

As you know, I love piñatas. So I think you're not surprised, when I say that I made a few for Valentine's Day. *.* Now,- expectionally- I made only mini piñatas, and not much, just 4 pieces made. (:

What you need:
  • Tissue paper
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Paper glue
  • Masking tape
  • Candy or other mini gift 

Step 1: Cut out 2 of the same heart from cardboard.
Step 2: Cut a long even strip of cardboard (this will be the sides of your piñata, about 5 centimeters/ 2" is a good width)
Step 3: Tape the strip to one heart with masking tape, then tape the 2nd heart.
Step 4: Make sure you leave a small opening of your heart box open – this is where you will fill in your candy.
Step 5: Cut some fringey strips of tissue paper.
Step 6: Attach fringe strips to the top of your piñata using paper glue. Start at the bottom and work your way up.
Step 7: Cut off any excess tissue paper along the heart shape.
Step 8: Repeat this on the back and sides of your mini piñata.
Step 9: Fill in your candy, then close the piñata. ( You can use a little bit of paper glue or a strip of tape to fix. )

What do you think? 
Do you like it? 


Daily Inspiration

Hi! (:

I know it has been a long time daily inspiration post, but here the sun is shining (sooo beautifully), so it inspired me! (:


"If you can dream it, you can do it!"


Hat and skirt *.*


 Natural makeup (black mascara, eyeliner, pink lip gloss and a natural-looking blush) ^.^


 Red velvet pancakes with raspberry butter. Recipe: here.


Valentine's Day Outdoor Decoration


Happy Valentine's Day for everyone! #.#

I made simple outdoor decoration. I gave a simple (love) face of the bush (as I used to).
Removed some styrofoam heart, which are painted in different red shades. I made a (mostly) hazelnuts owl. I think so cute. (:
Finally, I made an adorable flowerpot love bee (in the hands of "bee mine" inscribed heart flower). *.* <3

Cork heart wreath

Owl and Bee. Sooo adorable! *.*

Mailbox <3

What do you think? 


DIY Valentine's Day Heart Bookmark

Hi! *.*

Heart bookmarks

Valentine's Day is coming! :D
So it' s a Valentine's Day last minute gift idea for book lovers! *.* It's very simple to make and last but not least pretty, and very cute! (: You can find tutorial HERE.


Love Bug Cupcakes *.*

Hi! ^^

I came a very very very cute idea! *.*
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and that means it's time for some lovely new tutorials and inspiration! So fun and so cute these Love Bug cupcakes! (:

I found the idea for the and I fell in love! *.* So the DIY idea and the recipe can be found HERE.

Anyway, this site is AMAZING! You'll find a lot of very good ideas and recipe, so perfect for cake lovers! :P